Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Art Inspiration ...

June 29, 2016 - People had asked me several times on where I get my design ideas. I looked at them straight in the eyes and told them without blinking that my designs come as  the by product out of my problems, loneliness and certain moods . The negative side of my life are my true inspirations bringing out the positive side of me. The more I am hurt, the more I am concentrated to finish some ideas into visible forms to challenge myself that no matter what hurts or affects me the most, I would  come out the winner . I see the dark clouds during the day as my model to create the sunny side or the sparkling stars to brighten up my gloomy soul. I collect several inspiring ideas regarding colors from the feelings I feel for the day. I see blue inspiring colors like those hues from the sea giving me a sense of hope when I am feelin lonely .

 Or red to purple to black color hues when I am feelin angry.

All of these I incorporate to my beading designs that'ss why you would probably notice that my use of  colors and combinations are always sharp and bold.

Most beading artists would often say that they were inspired by good feelings when designing . So you see... that sense of feeling makes people different from each other eventhough we do the same crafts that can be beading, painting, or others. Some artists create things when they are happy while some create things when they are sad, just like me . Interesting isn't it?

When I do my beading, I have some nice slow music playing in the background making me feel as if I am in a different place where I would enjoy a walk on the sand, watch the sunset , feel the breeze as waves touch my feet or sitting infront of a candle lit dinner. With those things flowing freely in my mind, my fingers would be balancing with the beads , threads and needle as I design.

I can say I am having a class of my own teaching myself freely of what to do. No pressure ... just letting things go fall into places ...

Life can be inspired by just anything ... from good to bad or vice versa. We can always turn the bad things around and keep ourselves happy by simply finding the best means to keep us thinkin the positive way .

 Life is not that bad at all ... it's true , trust me !