Thursday, June 09, 2016

June 2016 ... Catching Up

June 9, 2016 - I  had a super busy week creating sets of bracelets n
earrings bound to Johannesburg  South Africa last week. I made sure the items were flawless coz my friend needed to give them as gifts to some people when they get there for their family holiday. I was so much in a rush to make 6 sets all in all after she placed the order a week before their flights. At first I got worried that I won't be able to finish everythibg due to the elaborate and intricate designs . Luckily, I made them all in time after consuming so many sleepless nights. Wow, I am so  but happy to see the fruits of my labor ...

I was so glad I have all the materials for all these designs that contributed to the fast processing of this order. If not, I would had gone nuts searching for some parts all over the bead shops again.

Anyways, my friend was so happy to take them all to South Africa with her. Her husband was also very happy to get unique gifts for their friends back there.I am sure the recipients will be very happy too.

So now , I have time again to relax and do some bonding with my friends and be out there enjoying the outside world . I am blessed with good supportive friends and their company keeps me moving on ...

I have a good life and also some bad times but no matter what comes first, I look positive to things and try to do something to ease the burden of the bad ones. I go have a laugh with my dear friends...

 I have my dogs keeping me company on my lonely days guarding me every moment I am beside them and showering me with endless kisses .

And I have all the time to myself to decide whatever I wanna do ... go party and dance with my friends anytime I want ...

Or even put my hair down and my cleaning brooms away and have fun!

 Isn't that great ?