Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Never Slow Down to March !

Don't miss this much talked about event!
 March 6, 2016 2pm NEXUS AUDITORIUM, CUPPAGE PLAZA Singapore

March 1, 2016 ~    Hooohaaaaa .... I am so busy on this 1st day of March. I had been rummaging through my drawers and boxes of beads all day and discovering my neglected materials ... almost forgotten hidden in their respective places ! Oooppsssssss

Then I get excited ...  starting to bead .. mix and matching the colors and noticing my beadng table getting cluttered as I create . Oh well, a scene like this happens all the time when I'm very occuppied with beading . So typical .See what it looks like having a work table like this below after few hours of beading ?

I try to minimize the mess but .. unfortunately,  the more I add materials to my work, the more beads and tools get scattered everywhere .So never mind... I'll just clear it up once I'm done with my mission. Yes... I just said " MISSION " and not an impossible one eventhough I have a deadline !. LOL!

What's my mission ?  Ok, for sponsorship purposes, I need to create at least 8 sets of Necklace + Earrings for minor prizes  and 5 sets for the Major Prizes in the upcoming THE RAMPSTAR QUEEN 2016 GRAND FINALS " this coming Sunday. Check out their Facebook page here

So far, I had already created the 8 minor prizes and had nicely tagged them in red boxes with my logo of course. For the Major ones, I had created 2 sets so far ... so 3 more sets to be done before Sunday comes. I wanted to create designs in different categories so each of the 5 mahor winners will receive a set different from the others. No jewelry set would be exactly the same.

 Lucky me,  I still got plenty of time to do some stringing, weaving & wire wrapping. So expect that in the next 2 more days, I would be very busy infront of my beading table ! My only rest would be to come downstairs, water my plants , talk to Koda not to dig the garden for Yamashita Gold and do a mud bath like she often does when I'm away and pat my dear Gabby. Then play with them a bit and make sure they have enough water and food to keep them happy while I am upstairs doing my crafts.

Gabby loves her pats.
Partners in crime ... thinkin what they can do for the day !
I love the way Gabby sits ... LOL!
Naughty Koda after digging the garden and having a mud bath !

Ok... You wanna play Fetch ?
My life at home is never dull as you can imagine. Dogs, Beads, plants keep me busy day in... day out. It's good coz I need the exercise anyhow or else my legs would suffer from water retention from long time sitting. Then, that's bad ... real bad for my health coz I have a mild case of DVT ! So I try my best not to make it worst .

So I better move around ... no choice ! Moving around for me includes partying and attending these busy events... Ha ha. I got good reasons to go out haven't I ?

Truthfully, I'm very excited to be part of this event for the 1st time. My dear friend Ms. Pamela Wildheart Pilapil had organized it and I'm more than grateful to support her and my fellow Filipinos joining the event.

Don't miss this much talked about event!
 March 6, 2016 2pm NEXUS AUDITORIUM, CUPPAGE PLAZA Singapore

So if you are in Singapore, please come and join me in this event. It would be fun to watch people doing a catwalk live on stage. This is going to be exciting for sure !

C'mon Let's Go !!!