Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bye , bye .. to March 2016.

March 31, 2016 ~ Hi everyone. I'm here again to wrap up the things I had done for the month of March 2016. I won't be telling all or else I would surely run out of space here just for posting stories and pics altogether. I would just grab bits and pieces from here and there which I'm sure would already entertain you as you read along.

First of all, I would like to thank my friends who had been part of my inspirations and laughters all month long. Some of them are working full time outside home , others do part time jobs like I do from time to time when I get the chance, some were full time moms unable to do any work with pay and some do nothing but go out, meet friends, socialize and party ( like I do too LOL! )

Anyways, without my dear circle of friends, I would of course be just staying home , beading all day long until I stop due to the tightness on my legs,.. water retention is such a nasty condition isn't it... haiiizzzz how I hate when it happens. Or... I will also be socializing with Gabby and Koda of course as an option. How can I ignore these cuties wagging their tails the moment they hear me coming ? My heart can never say no to them ... damn!



These 2 are my beloved adopted "Singapore Specials" aka ~ Mongrels. How they keep me busy everyday and how they manage to make me move here and there is really what makes the local people call them Singapore Specials. Their breed is special in their naughty unique ways ... you must try to adopt them to see what I'm talking about. Ha ha ...

My friends on the other hand are also unique in their own ways. Some were so mesmerized by my jewelries that they love to buy and wear them. So I make sure what they get from me are only pieces and won't be copied anymore. I want them to be a proud wearer of my one and only creation.

~ SOLD ~

~ SOLD ~

~ SOLD ~
~ SOLD ~

~ SOLD ~

~ SOLD ~

... some friends were taken by my charm and friendly ways ... woo hoooo !!!

....some admire me for my easy going character making them laugh most of the times , c'mon guys , let's take a ride ( Btw, this car wasn't mine...  my car was parked down below in the basement coz it's an old Honda....  LOL! )

 and some friends just love me for being a party animal who keeps them company until they get tired and call the night off.

Did someone say "PARTY"  somewhere ????

Oh well, life is short not to enjoy every moment of it with the people around you. Right ? So why stay home all the time when we can enjoy the company of friends and be merry sometimes ?

In short, my month of March was spent nicely either alone or with somebody. No space for dull moments .They never stop from calling me on whatsapp, Messenger  and Viber anyways  LOL!

I was also happy for the big celebration of my youngest son's birthday who just turned 17  yrs. old this month.

 Happy Belated Birthday to my darling Tweetie baby ( that's how I call him until now and he starts complaining about being called baby, ooopppsssss ! )

 He's now 17y/o  and not a baby I used to carry anymore. Haiizzzz... time flies so fast now....
My baby is now a tall darling I could hardly reach to kiss on his cheeks ! Oh well ... but I can still manage to kiss him when he's asleep ... sneaky mommy .. then get shoved away as he shouts, Mommy ... go away ! Uh-oh .LOL!

I hope all of you out there had a good month of  March too like I did. Of course not all days were fun, There were bad times too for sure . But hey ... Forget the bad ones and carry all the happy memories to the next upcoming month of April which is just a few hours away.

You know what ?

It's never too late to enjoy life ... c'mon... go out there and see the joys of being alive !

Look around you...

Life is beautiful , colorful and doesn't come in just black & white.... and what's even more interesting  ... 
it comes with lots of meaning  too!

So let's all enjoy Life while we can ...why not ?

Cheers !!!