Sunday, March 02, 2014

March 2014 ... Puppy Days !

March 2,2014 ~
 Hi again my dear  blog readers ...

I'm back to share with you what I had been doing these days aside from beading endlessly at night, watering the garden early in the morning and keeping company to my newly adopted mongrels during the day. They are from a litter of 5 puppies recued from a shipyard somewhere here in Singapore. Yes, I had found some new company giving me much much more work to do these days aside from pulling the water hose against ( a game of tag and pull for sure ) them when I'm watering the plants and holding on tight to my broom ( so Gabby can't get it from me as she pulls the end as I sweep ) while sweeping the chewed on dead leaves / branches they had dragged inside our home from the garden. They're 2  playful puppies , where one is absolutely very naughty and active compared to the other one who is far more silent ... and I'm telling you, they both keep me busy most of the times ! Haaayyzzzzzzz

Don't be deceived by those starry , innocent looking eyes... I'm sure they are gearing up for something naughty again !
Gabby the light colored puppy came to our home 1st as a bubbly little chubby pup for adoption . A volunteer showed her to us and we just fell in love  with her cute looks. Of course, puppies always win our hearts for being cute !

 But, a day after she had an overnight with us, we discovered her little dark secret ...which is, she does nothing but bite on our feet and ankles as a way of playing.
Yep... she has this terrible character of nibbling on us all the time especially as soon as she opens her eyes. Her teeth are razor sharp that we get scratches almost everyday. My daughter grew more scared of her and son got so annoyed as well. They don't find her cute no more due to the biting problem.

She's now for them a naughty little monster who drags away socks and shoes into a hole she had dugged on the grass patched garden when she can't bite us. OMG  what a disaster in the morning when kids couldn't put their socks on or shoes coz "Gabby" is immediately there... on the look out for something to run away with. What a naughty naughty little bugger !

Gabby now owns this sofa ! I don't mind coz it wasn't mine anyways ... LOL!
She had stayed for a week and I tried to teach her not to bite but she became more aggressive and dominant and even growled on me. I consulted the volunteer about her and she suggested that she brings the sibling over to have someone to keep her busy and distract her attention from biting us. Ok, we gave it a shot. As soon as the 2nd pup came, we found "Luna" the 2nd pup to be more of a sweet mellowed character  who loves being indoors and sleeping on a sofa ... wuuffff !

Now, how can you push this one away when you wanna have a sit on the sofa if she sleeps so well
 like this ?
Luna is far more behaved than our naughty little "Gabby".

Luna on her 1st visit to the vet for injection . Isn't she so cute ? 
She's so adorable and quiet but she doesn't tolerate the naughtiness of "Gabby" who started biting and nibbling on her as soon as she stayed in our place. Poor "Luna" has to put up with her , just like we do most of the time ... It was a war zone at home everytime they growled hard on each other and we better keep our distance away from them ! Oh dear ...

But t least I see some progress on Gabby's character. Her biting on me and my kids had lessened coz she always run after "Luna" to wrestle her till she bites back. Luna being around made Gabby more busy and concentrated playing with her kind . That is a way of giving me more space and time to do things for myself and at home. Then me and kids were safe from her somehow. What a relief !

Well, they have their fights here and there but so far, none had come out bleeding or hurt anyways.  So, the verdict now with these two puppies is that... they are now both...officially adopted !

So from one naughty puppy, we now have 2 puppies to take care of.
But at least , Even if  "Gabby" is a white devil, "Luna" is a dark angel !
Life has to be in a balance !

Welcome to your new home Gabby & Luna !

By the way, Many many thanks as well to Sue ( Dog rescuer ) who had patiently guided me and the puppies all the way.