Thursday, March 06, 2014

Lucky Me !

March 6,2014 ~ Ahhh, I had just finished sweeping the dog's mess on the floor , washed the dishes and folded the clean clothes from laundry. Now is time for me to have a seat , sip on a cup of already cold coffee  ( this happens everyday ha ha ) while browsing my FB and Etsy store. Hmmmm... nothing so special to see yet since it's still early morning but as soon as noontime comes, lots of news and updates would be sprouting all over for my eyes to feast on LOL! Although not all are that of importnce or interest, but still, some can give me an idea or tips on how people could solve their daily struggles, how some manage to have a bit of fun in between routines and how they make it through their daily life just like I do.

I was a bit uneasy yesterday. I wanted to go out but not really convinced to do so as I have a very strict budget in my pocket.

My allowance has not arrived yet but hoping every minute of the day that it would show up in my bank account soon.  Finally it did , but too late for shopping coz money came late last night. I was thankful thinkin I can go to supermarket today and buy some yummy foods my kids had been asking for ~ not forgetting to consider the junk foods of course LOL!

Anyways, since I was stucked playing with the dogs and looking for something else to do at home yesterday morning ( I badly need to entertain myself I would say ! ) , I ended up wandering in my beadroom  ( considered basically as "COMFORT ZONE" ) again of course.

Looking at the supplies scattered in my beadroom, I could see a lot of money making items I could sell to earn something.  So I took a few strands of beads and started making a double layered necklace requested by a friend who works in the German European School here in Singapore. So I started laying  all the materials needed to make a friend's requested necklace on my table. She had personally came to visit me in my beadroom to check on the materials I have in stock so she can choose the color and beads for her necklace in mind.

She's a very nice lady who got hooked on my designs and she just fell in love with every item she had bought from me so far.

She told me that the school staff who had seen her wearing my designs were always stunned and asking where she bought them. I was so happy to know that my designs are being wowed everywhere now, parties, events, even just in a daily basis in schools . Woohoooo , way to go ... "My-SECRET-Corner" had gone from being a secret into being popular anywhere. It's a satisfaction on my part to realize where I had started and what my passion had become.  A big leap from where I was before ...

Turquoise Dyed Howlite Beads With Agate and Opalite Double Layered Neklace & Earrings Set. Specially created for Rose of GESS.

I am always inspired by my friends and buyers who were there many times to patronize my creations. Without them, I would not be here nor be more encouraged to create further.  It's them wearing my work and loving them that gives me happiness at the end of the day.

So I am always thankful to all of them and also to those who keeps admiring my works.
I am also very grateful to other people out there who gave me the chance to show my works to other people and crafters. They hd made me become an art inspiration to others.

My Design had again gained the honour of being voted as the "Design Of The Week" for the 4th time in the prestigious Fire Mountain Gems " Design Of The Week Challenge"  from Feb 3-March 1 on facebook.. Hooorraaayyyyyyy !!!!

Thank you so much for the award. I was so delighted !
 It means so much to a work at home mom like me to be known all over the world  as an inspiration to other crafters.

This passion of mine requires 3 major things ~ patience, time and ability to design artistically. I am very grateful I was blessed to be able to have all these factors somehow. Not all people can combine all of them in one go.

So so so lucky me !