Monday, October 01, 2012

October ... It's A Busy Month Ahead

1st October 2012 ~ Time had been running fast . I need to keep up with the times ... ugghhhh.. I had just realized around noon today it was already the 1st of October. OOh gosh ... that only proves I'd been very busy indeed !

I was so concentrated on teaching my new students in the comfort of my home and in their homes privately as well. I love even the views I passed along the way as I drive to their place when I come to bead in their homes !

A river view by Applecross, Perth WA 

 My students were all so talented and I enjoy every single moment I was beading with them. But during the times I wasn't teaching, I was creating new cuff bracelets and keep myself busy creating the flat spiral bracelets in several color combinations and adding more colors to a previous design I had created before with a different stitch.

 I am running out of box clasps especially in 2 stranded gold tone color as pictured on the photo above.. I had desperately checked  Pandahall , Fire Mountain Gems and a few other beading shops online but I couldn't find what I really particularly need . Waaahhhhhh I hate when this happens !  How can that be that my bead stuffs are not available anywhere ?

The only good news I have for the moment is that my 15 y/o daughter would be travelling as unaccompanied minor to Singapore tomorrow for a week holiday and she can pick up some of my crystals and other beading materials I would easily & conveniently order online from my favorite beading shop in China Town in Singapore. Isn't that awesome ? I just hope she doesn't loose my items them during her travel back to Perth. You know what I mean with teenagers ... fingers crossed !

Oh, She can even go get and grab me some pashminas I need to take to the school next week when the school starts again too. Just Perfect ! Hurray, Hurray ...Yehheeeyyyy !

Wish I could come with her to Singapore but oh well... I still have my 13 y/o son to look after here in Perth and I've got so many things to do and finish. Got a few more videos to upload to YouTube ( check this one out as I had just loaded it few hours ago :  " My Beaders in Singapore " )  and create more necklaces for my upcoming bazaar set for the 28th of October.

Note it down if you're from Perth so you can pop at my stall no. #162 just right by the main entrance 1 in Hackett Drive. I'll be putting all my latest creations there so don't miss it ! Most items are just 1 piece or 1 set.  So you are in for a real original only piece treat !

So , for me , October is another busy month to look forward to. My hands would be stiff and my nails would break & chip here and there as I go with my pliers and wires, needles and everything else. Not mentioning being pricked by needles too. Oucchhhh !

But it's all ok .
 I don't mind at all if my fingers are bleeding, and my back hurts like hell coz I could see the end results of my beading giving me satisfaction at the end of the day !

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I wish you all a very pleasant day !

~ October Birth Flower ~

 Marigolds are often given as a sign of warm or fierce, undying love, or as a way of saying that you're content with being with the recipient. The other October flower is cosmo, a symbol of order, peace, and serenity.