Thursday, October 18, 2012

Never Give Up ...

Oct. 18,2012 ~ It's been 2 days since I had seen a video of a young pretty 15 yr old ~ Amanda Todd , from Vancouver, Canada, who was found hanged in her home on October 10,2012.

I actually saw her face picture on yahoo news and wondered what her story was all about. Until I saw the word "Bullying" so I got more interested to dig deeper into her story . I have a daughter about her age as well and I'm sure Amanda's story would be a good wake up call for girls her age.

As I continued on the news article that led me to her self made silent video, I start  having a creeping  pain in my heart.  Everytime she flashes a note about the events she had been through , each and every note card is a sharp dagger, like a thorn hitting me to the core. Dear heavens, this girl is just 15y/o and she has a long future ahead of her. But due to the fact she didn't have any help when she was calling out for one, her precious life was cut short. People who had bullied her are cold hearted animals with no sense of mercy at all. They're nothing but vicious sharks lurking in the open sea for an innocent helpless prey.

Amanda Todd, Anti-cyberbully video

 All she wanted is to be accepted and be a friend . Is that too much to ask ?  Is it that hard to give her a chance to be a friend ? And to those who had "befriended" her but just took advantage of her trust & friendship ... shame on you !

Amanda Todd, Anti-cyberbully video

I just wondered why there was no one there to guide her and give her the support she had asked for during the time she had uploaded her silent video. This really bothered me . I even wondered where her parents were when she wrote she needed someone. Where's everybody ?

Are people these days just don't care for what's happening around us ? Just taking people for granted and do their own business instead ? I would have been there for her if only I had seen her video the moment she had uploaded it. I know what she was going thru .. her agony, her pain coz I was also a victim of bullying . I was even younger than her age that time I got victimized but I luckily managed to push through. I fought my way through it all. All i had that time was a strong belief that their bullying will come to an end one day. Keeping to myself and forever telling myself that Time will come when a lamb would become a lion and chase them all away. 

“Some people won't be happy until they've pushed you to the ground. What you have to do is have the courage to stand your ground and not give them the time of day. Hold on to your power and never give it away.”
― Donna Schoenrock 

Just have to keep strong ...and have trust within yourself that  nothing can put you down... noone can ...

Photo: To all the people who feel or have been through what Amanda went through
- T

 Being bullied infront of a lot of people with those even taking videos of it while laughing and even provoking more physical abuse be inflicted to the poor victim infront of everyone in a school ground is no big joke. This is way too much to be ignored . Poor Amanda ... she badly needed someone for help but noone was there. What a Pity !

All I can say is ... it's too late now to put a precious life back. She had lost her battle for belonging and simple happiness because of a cruel society. Yeah, true she had committed some mistakes but she doesn't have to loose her life in return. 

As a parent concerned about the welfare of my kids and others' ,  I advice other parents with kids getting online most of the time to monitor their activities. Be there for your kids no matter what ...  parental guidance is the most powerful tool that would keep our kids away from being harmed in this modern awful society. Being there can change the outlook and prediction and steer them clear from self infliction.

This is in memory of Amanda Todd  ... R.I.P...My heart goes to all your loved ones , family and friends ~ this is not where your inspiring story ends.

Photo: What the bullies were doing to Amanda.
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