Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Man , A Beer , A Brawlfest !

Over 2 days had passed since I'd been to the "Brawlfest" ( that's how my friends like Alicia the founder of DEH Singapore ( Desperate Expat Housewives ) and I nicely call the recent Beerfest 2010 here in Singapore ) It was a gathering of people from all walks of life having a mixture of reasons for coming over to the event. Either to watch the on-going football games on the big screens, watch the skimpy clad ladies walking & parading all over the place, listen to various guest bands performing everynight, to simply savouring the wide variety of beers the venue was meant for or to just simply narrow down to their main goal of creating nuisance to attract public attention . A lot of people are mostly proffesionals , expats and can afford the prices no matter what. I was just extremely surprised with the behaviours some of the white foreign men were capable of doing.
Here's my story :
I'm 45 years old. I don't drink alcohol and watch over my drinking friends and husband all the time. They call me an angel for taking care of them and sending home coz I drive all the time. I'm a reliable storyteller everytime a party is over coz I'm forever sober ( coke, ice tea or If I get lucky I can get coffee ! ) and I see everything that happens... simply every single thing ! I could tell the most minute details no matter what coz I see everything happening right infront and at the back of me ... the whole nine yards.

The beerfest is such a huge event were people get down to the last drop of beer. Sometimes, the beer is still pouring but the man itself is alreaday down . Tsk-tsk. It happens a lot of times anywhere. There's nothing unusual about that. What's so unnatural during the beerfest was the group of foreign expat males standing on the table, shaking their cans of beer and spraying the people dancing and watching the Hells Belles ( American Female Band version of ACDC ). They happened to be just right behind me and my Australian friend Karen. Yes they're having fun ... no one bothers to try and say anything against them coz they're big enough to scare the locals and other foreigners to respective corners. Especially the women.

Karen was wet all over her back , my hair was soaking in beer but we can't move away from our position coz we're both short and standing , tip-toeing on chairs just to see the Hells Bells Performance infront of us. Our husbands were on the other side of the table infront drinking and dancing. These guys behind us , 5 of them in total but 2 of them are ok and gentle with one just right behind me offered to take a picture of me. See this shot ?

 He took a pic of me with my camera . Nice guy I said to myself.

Althoug the 3rd one beside him who was sporting a heavily tattoed shoulder down to his elbow ( he thinks he's super cool dude ! ) plus the other 2 are getting even more wild throwing big ice cubes from the buckets of Jaz Beer to peoples' heads on the dance floor. I saw a young caucasian lady got hit on the forehead real hard and few guys hit randomly. What a pity ! Karen made a move and said to one of them to just drink the beer and don't waste it ~ in a nice way. The guys just laughed at her ( typical a-holes ) and moment she turned around, the guy behind me in his black formal long sleeve shirt ( such a formal office guy looking person you won't expect to do anything wrong ! ) started shaking his beer can and opened it behind the 2 of us. My mind flipped seeing a new splash is coming and seeing they just don't give a damn and won't stop at all. So I tapped his hand and said " Hey, 1 time, 2 times , 3 times to ask you to stop is more than enough ok ? His can went flying off his hand. When I turned around to watch the concert again, the guy just pushed me so hard that I went crashing on top of the table full of bottles and glasses infront of me. What the #$@ is this guy doing laying his hands on me ? I got on my feet in seconds, and went up the chair again and went right straight to him with a push ... he went flying on the next table behind him. Big hell broke when his friends helped him up and he got up to punch me . He brushed aside Karen who was standing on a chair blocking his way. Karen fell crashing backwards on top of the table and he ran towards me . I'd readied myself to fight back and was quick enough to give him an upper kick on his stomach ( lucky i was wearing my denim pants & loafers and not stilletoes! ) and he went crashing back to where he came from. That's the time our husbands saw the commotion.

Karen's husband seeing her getting up from the table immediately drew punches on the guy's face. OMG! It was a horrific scenario to see our drunken hubbies getting into the fight too . My hubby couldn't even stand straight coz he was already very drunk and I was afraid our opponents' hooligan friends might join the brawl and punch him & Peter too. Even bigger trouble. I was yelling at him to go on the side and assured him that I can defend myself against the guy. Lucky the other hooligans just stood and watched us . The tattoed guy was laughing while his friend was getting mauled. Anyway, security finally came after Alicia had been frantically screaming security ... security ! But the guy still got his eye on me despite of his bruised face with cuts on his eyebrows and nose. I managed to give him 2 hits of beer bottles on his head (  the bottles just bounced off his head one after the other ~ good quality Corona bottles I should say ... tsk-tsk ! ) distant punches from me and my American friend Akicia before he tried to escape from us . As soon as he looked for cover in the crowd, I chased him and told him he's a coward who could only pick on helpless women and could only fight behind our backs. Now face to face with someone sober like me and with other men & women around, he was running away for his safety and shielding himself among the crowd. Shame on him ! Suddenly, a punch from my right side landed on my face. So hard that I was totally knocked over and fell to the ground . I saw everything cloudy white. I felt like I was instantly blind ! But my immediate reaction was to stand and watch out for anything else coming. ( Lucky I had watched J'Lo's movie about self-defence on how to react when someone knocks you down ). To get on your feet as soon as possible !

 I was dizzy and my nose was bleeding heavily. Who the hell was that ?  One of the hooligans had hit me on my right side of the face just below my right eye. Too bad I din't see who exactly that guy is. Karen just told me later in the First Aid tent that she saw the guy who sneaked from behind and punched me. She had kicked the guy who punched my face after seeing that I fell on my back and he was ready to kick me when I was getting up. Can you visualize what kind of man this guy is ? How can he do that to a woman like me when I don't even have anything to do with him ? Probably, he just wanted his friend to be able to run and escape from the crowd coz his friend had already been mauled enough by my friends. But still, why punch me ? He can just push me or pull my pony-tailed hair to stop me from chasing his friend .

Oh well ... what an experience for me ~ my ever 1st night in a Brawlfest !
The security didn't do their job well enough to help the victims just like me.They didn't even have the guts to keep the guy who attacked me . They let him and his bunch of footy friends go and roam around free !

What worst could have happened to other women and people around just leaving these hooligans to stay in the venue ? I don't wanna think of it at all ...
I was scampering to pull my husband to the side for safety while my face was covered in blood and this one security staff even shoved me to the side which angered my husband even more. Saying you don't push a woman ... she's my wife .. she's bleeding! No one dared to assist me immediately that I need to grab a bucket of ice from the tables myself and soak my hands in there and wash my face with ice cold water. I put ice cubes on my face immediately coz I could feel my face was starting to swell. My face was numb that i didn't feel anything on it at all. Not even feeling the bleeding cut on my nose ! I was so angry my whole body was feeling no pain despite of blood rushing out of my nose and I was already spitting clots of blood stucked from my throat.

This is how these expats behave in a foreign land . Unfortunately, they had landed in Singapore. One of the best places in Asia. Such a shame that they considered themselves well educated but got no respect for women at all. Just for a lost can of beer, they can rip  you apart , no mater who you are , whether male or female young or old. Just doesn't matter at all . Think about them ... How much more they can do in their own native homeland ?

Singapore is now starting to become a haven for these type of maniacs. Security lapses had been so bad in so many ways the last few weeks and months. Not a good image for Singapore known to be the most safe country to live in Asia. Yes, Singapore is a beautiful country .. but would not be anymore soon if these kind of people gets well spoiled here.

I guess our move to another country next month just came at the right time. Oh well... 11 years of ups and downs and I got into trouble the very last moment. But I admit that I'm happy to go. I need to see the other sides of the world not just Singapore.  But I'm truly thankful that I gained a lot of friends here who  made me get thru it all ! I'll miss you all ...

We're leaving For ~
Perth, Australia !