Friday, June 04, 2010

Garbage ... Good as GOLD !

I had been slowly sorting out most of the cabinets & drawers of our house in between errands  and beading tutorials during the last few days and weeks. Undeniably, I had found so many things piling up everywhere ( after all these years ! ).

Electrical wires ( from all sorts of electrical stuffs like phone / pc chargers ) , shoe boxes ( I had saved them for kid's school projects ) , even a collection of assorted hotel room key cards being brought home by dear hubby from his trips abroad plus a whole lot more to be categorized later once i got them recycled into something else. That's if  I get lucky to have a chance to do so . I doubt that I will have the necessary time but I would try slowly though !

So ok . Let me say that these stuffs would either go to the garbage or keep them as they are. Balancing a few things in my head about throwing away ( + or - effects to the environment ) or keeping them at home ( + or - effects in our place ). Still undecided when something caught my eye and and an idea suddenly blinked  somehere in my busy brains. 

 I found this small  Ziploc plastic bag containing a Brand tag made of cardboard paper , a string attached to the Tag and a piece of button. What would you normally do with this ?  I hardly keep this kind of stuffs coz I don't normally use them . I don't have the habit of loosing my buttons anyway .What happens after I got them is to just put them somewhere and not to care much about it then later on it would just  be thrown away. But after seeing the 3 key factors of recycling  known as the " 3 R's " Reduce , Reuse, Recycle recently in the internet  I had decided to do something out of this " something "  that's just there right infront of me. What was I thinking ?

1). Doing a Key Chain / Bag Charm :

First, I took the string out and did a hemp style while attaching some wooden beads ( I had found in my drawers ) as I go along the lenght of the cord. Doing a few simple basic knots ( macrame ) on the cord. Then, I had added a leaf charm to dangle at the bottom to give it some weight coz the wooden beads are very light even with the cord . Finally, I cut a part of the card tag to use as a gift tag ! So, here's what I came out with :

A key Chain !

Got it packed nicely for better presentation !

It serves as a Pretty Bag Charm too !

@). A Beaded Ring with Button Base :
Now, what I had left to recycle is the single button ( the Ziploc bag was already used to keep some small beads locked in place ) . I started to choose the Pearls and Seed / Delica beads. Trial and error for the beads until I get the best sizes for the button base. I Took my size 12 beading needle and nymo thread and began stitching after I had chosen some gold color pearls and some delicas. see how I had used the single button as the base for the ring below.

I just love the look & feel of this ring !

Recycling is an excellent way of saving energy and conserving the environment. So don't just throw things easily to the garbage bin. You're probably getting rid of your source of Gold instead of junk !

Better Think twice !