Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The " NORDSTROM " Bangle

I was looking for my one-and-only high school photo taken in 1981 ( which I badly needed so I can show to an old high school classmate of mine whom I just found recently in Facebook  ) when I stumbled upon my "NORDSTROM" bangle I had already forgotten about . Gee ... it's been so long and I had not seen the set for several years. It was a combination of White / Gold Plated metal with Pave' diamond-like Crystal stones . It was truly a sparkling Crystals enncrusted set given as a gift back in 1993 when I was in the Philippines.

The Silver-grey toned box had faded thru time. It was rusty from the inside-out . That you may notice from the photo above. Nevertheless, the bangle and earrings were still shiny eventhough the bangle had a broken lock while some of the Crystal stones were gone. The bangle's lock was broken  a long time ago .The broken latch can't be joined again with any kind of glue ( I tried so many times but failed ! Sigh ... ) . I still remember the day when I desperately want to save this piece that I took  it to a jewelry shop one day . Hoping much that the broken parts can still be attached together , welded or soldered back  in shape. Unfortunately, the jewelry repair man shook his head and nodded upon seeing the broken piece. He couldn't save it since the bangle was't made of neither Silver or real Gold metal at all. The part can't be melted or soldered he said. That very moment , I was greatly saddened by the fact that my bangle was beyond repair. Although it can't be used at all , I had kept it inside my drawers due to its sentimental value !
Now that I found it again, I had decided  that by hook or by crook, I'll resurrect the bangle myself. But There must be a way to have it fixed. Then , big question is ... How to fix it ? With what ?
I don't want to throw the bangle away just like that....for sure a big, big " NO"! However, I can't wear it at all  except only for its matching earrings ! My mind started thinking for a solution at 4am in the morning. Time was ticking and my eyes are getting droopy and I'm so tired imagining the time. Way passed my bed time ... yeah . it's too late ... . But despite of the odds , I grabbed my Pliers, Swarovski Crystal's Box, took out a roll of Gauge 22 Gold color non tarnish beading wires , a set of  Magnetic clasps and few pieces of 4mm Bicone crystal Beads in Golden Shadow and Clear Crystal shades to match the existing color of the bangle.

After choosing and laying all the necessary materials infront of me , I slowly started stringing all the crystal beads into the wire and I finally  began wire-wrapping  around the plain metal side of the bangle. Quite tricky but I was able to see that I was putting a new design around the bangle. Wow ... this is challenging !  No soldering needed to resolve the broken latch issue. Once I had reached tle broken lock area I made 2 loops . 1 loop each on both ends and then attached a set of gold plated magnetic clasp at the tips to secure and keep the 2 sides joined together securely. Aha ... so that's the trick I made to keep the bangle close ! Great idea isn't it ?

The addition of Swarovski Crystals on the wire-wrapped side even added more ba-ba-bling to the piece and looked very radiant indeed. Voila !

So now, who would dare say my bangle is beyond repair and ready for the garbage can ? Ho-ho-ho ... I had beaten the odds again ... YESSSS !
I'm happy that this bangle didn't end up in my trash can at all. Smart thinkin on my part !
 I'm very glad that I got it fixed in just about 20-25 mins. ... with no sweat and best of all with out that much cost ! 
Now it looks much more unique than ever before too !

Can You imagine from this :

Into something like this :

A Gentle Reminder :

" Don't throw away things so easily ,
maybe one day these can be recycled
or maybe even turned from: