Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beading Tutorials


I am very grateful always for all people - women  or  men who had trusted me when it comes to my passion ~ Beading .

I had been receiving calls for Beading tutorials for their kids and for them as well. It's very interesting to see that fellow Filipinos who are expats here in Singapore are willing to learn and explore more about the craft.

Not only Filipios but even locals and other expats are asking me to teach and let them learn the techniques I had gathered throughout the years while making beaded jewelries .

Not so easy to let them learn everything in a short period of time coz it requires so much of your time, patience , perseverance and commitmet to the craft. I had been beading my craft for so many years now and I  had started from scratch just like most of the people doing handicrafts only during their spare time. Mine was a self taught endeavor which came to recognition only after a few years of hardwork and of finally letting myself out of the cocoon that had enveloped me inside my home during the last 11 years I'd been here in Singapore. My kids had grown up and my ever reliable help in the house gave me more chances to socialize and expand my network of friends. Now I'm more able to do much better things aside from house chores. Happy that I can do what I want to do for myself  now , finally & at last !

 Teaching gives me a matter of respect for every student I meet and also gaining respect for & from others as well as for myself. Communication and bonding with each and evryone of them give me enormous amount of joy and pride especially upon seeing  their creations they came up with my simple help & guidance.

All creations they had made are truly adorable, beautiful and one-of-a-kind !

If I can do it,
They can do it ,
You can do it too !

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