Friday, August 05, 2022

CRAW ~ Cubic Right Angle Weave

Aug, 5, 2022 ~ Happy to be in my Beadroom this week after a month and a half long vacation . I had missed my craft table and I am already starting to forget where to find my bead parts and tools , It had been a while so I felt like a blind being in the dark trying to find my ways . 

I had focused actually in making a necklace for my Bumble bee  Jasper pendant I had wirewrapped during the pandemic. It's about time I finish the whole piece . Eventhough I was undecided before whether to make a wirewrapped chain for the focal or just  a simple beaded rope to go with the pendant. After some thinking and researching in the internet for something more challenging to create, I decided to gather my 11/0 Toho seed beads and started weaving a Cubic Right Angle Weave ( CRAW ) . 

The two most common ways to build CRAW: face-built and base-built. were 2 types of methods in doing CRAW , First is Face Built CRAWFace-built CRAW is when you add beads to form a new face from the previous face )

 Base-built CRAW is when you add beads to form a new face from the base. ) Secondly, Base Built CRAW is not of much difference from the Face built 
because the faces all have equal passes of thread – the face-built method has more thread on one of the faces of each cube. I had decided since I was going to make a longer chain, /
 for longer ropes, base-building is a much better choice inorder to finish the rope sooner