Thursday, December 30, 2021

Moderna Booster Shot ...

Dec 30, 2021 ~  Yesterday I went to Hong kah North  Community Club in Bukit Batok for my scheduled Covid 19 Booster Shot. As usual I went driving to the said venue all by myself . 

I was not expecting a huge crowd coz it's a weekday when people were normally mostly at work during this time around 1:30pm. Happy to see that the place was not crowded at all . Thus, I went in earlier than my time slot. Early to go in, means early to leave too . 😉😉😉. 

I didn't feel any pain at all during the first few hours but I felt a bit tired and I fell asleep for about 3 hours the moment I reached home. I woke up around 6pm and was awake during the night . I had been watching tv all night thinking I would be ok without much pain & any side effects overnight . 

Unfortunately, Today my arm where the injection was became stiff, hard as stone and very swollen. Geeezzzz, it was annoyingly painful that I had to put a warm beanbag on it to lessen the swelling several times. I even felt so tired all day that I was laying down on the sofa like a dead log. I had even started getting sick late at night too. No high fever though but I felt so so tired and my body was aching all over . Even my feet were getting cold that I had to massage them both with oil to heat them up and then wear socks. Fever had started to set in ! 
Oh My God ! 😩😪😭

photo from : asianlite.ukiA

I had the Moderna Booster shot  and the 2 vaxx before this booster were also from Moderna. I didn't want to shift into any other coz my body had already adapted to this brand. So, why do I need to look and change into something else ? I had experienced a bad case of Anaphylaxis before so I am very sensitive to certain type of drugs / meds. I cannot in fact take in any NSAIDs medication at all.

What Are NSAIDs?

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs ( pronounced en-saids ), are the most prescribed medications for treating conditions such as arthritis. Most people are familiar with over-the-countern nonprescription NSAIDs, such as Aspirins and Ibuprofen.

Being sensitive to certain drugs, I am a person who needed to watch out for everything. I need to be very careful with meds I take into my body. 1 mistake could be fatal. so better be careful than sorry without coming back ! Know what I mean ?

Anyways, Now I need to rest my aching arm and find some much needed sleep. 

Now I won't worry much about being sick with covid19 coz I now had my booster. Rest assured that I am somehow protected once the virus decides to come my way, Knock on wood that it changes its course and go somewhere else tho..

LOL ...😷😷😷🙏😷🙏😷🙏