Saturday, November 09, 2019

November 2019 - Art is Life !

November 9, 2019 ~ Today I was in Koi Ming teachin some singaporean lady students on how to make a wire wrapped pair of crystal earrings and a beadwoven crystal bracelet. The lessons were both for beginners so I just made sure the patterns were easy to follow & understand . Basic beading is the starting point when a person is eager to learn the craft of jewellery making. A student gets exposed to the necessary tools and materials. They learn the do's and don'ts during the actual beading process . Best of all, it's a way of honing one's inner talent to come out of their shell. 
It's the discovery and the challenging stage for beginners.  

The making of crystal wirewrapped earings 

The making of The beadwoven crystal bracelet .

Through basic learning, students realize how much patience is needed during this craft. At this point of time, some of them will decide to pursue their passion no matter what while others will just take it for granted after 1 or 2 sessions. It's the fact of life that everyone has their own tastes and preferrences just like me and I respect each and everyone of them. I just hope that I could teach more people about this craft and spread the word that art is life . 

A big thank you  to all my students who came in for the 2 sessions today. Keep it up and hope to see you again on the next upcoming round.