Saturday, October 26, 2019

October 2020 Workshop Highlights ...

October 26, 2019 ~ Today was another teaching success for the wiring technique. My student was so eager to learn the art of wiring  in creating a unique set of  Swarovski pearl earrings.
I always advise my students to practice using the necessary pliers and materials when creating a certain piece when wiring is the main required technique . I consider using the right matetials for my basic students. Soft pliable non tarnish artistic beading wires in Gauge #24 to #26 are ideal for wiring using the bare hands and sometimes with the help of a round nose and flat nose pliers for the harder & delicate loops / coils. I recommend the good quality original Beadsmith pliers coz they are specially made for beading and jewelry making  . They last for years and are a real good investment to consider. 

Wired Hearts Dangling Earrings

Metal Tools  and Pattern

Student learning the use of  a round nose plier in making loops.

Thanks once again for the support .

I will be looking forward to seeing you with your new creations in the near future.