Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Welcome to August 2018 ....

Aug 1, 2018 ~ Probably not many of us ever experienced being so happy during the 1st day of the month. Today, was an awessome day despite of the 2 straight days I had been cleaning the house from top to bottom and finding out so many things that require urgent attention. Such as lights by the laundry area to be replaced as well as the ceiling coming off due to roof leakage . The airconditioner in daughter's room needs immediate replacement and I have to tbrow out unwanted things like broken picture / poster frames , spoilt household appliances such as fans , vacuum cleaner and microwave oven. Oh dear, what's the purpose of keeping all these broken stuffs inside the house ? . So Out you all go .... bammmmm !!!

Looking good ... on  the 1st day  of cleaning ...

Mopping the floors yielded a sparkling result  ... 

      Glad to see the home getting in order on the 1st day as I go about cleaning in every corner , vacumming the dog's fur and dust accumulated and scattered all over the place . Not a very easy task when we are talking about a 4 sforey house here but it's ok. I got used to doing the cleaning by myself around here anyways. Tough life huh ... but I got no choice. Got to do it coz noone else will.

   My body ached like hell when I woke up this morning after 1 whole day of mopping the 2nd and 4th storey yesterday Concentrating inside hubby and daughter's room coz they are arriving from Belgium today. Better get all their rooms done ... replenish fresh bed linens...  batnrooms clean and sparkling for them to feel home sweet home after their long flight.

  Gabby as my supervisor while I mop the living room floor. What a good life for a 4 legged creature ,..

I may have been busy for 2 straight days with cleaning but at least I was able to create my pearl project beforehand. Happy to see the outcome and got it immediately posted in my instagram ( taszel14 ) to give my followers  something to look at  . What can you say ?

Swarovski Pearl cuff braselet with seed beads netting base.
Retail Price : SGD$80.00

Just kindly pm me for orders in this design .

   Also to remind you that I have a workshop coming this Saturday August 4th for the " Hermosa Crystal Bracelet " ( Intermediate Level ).  Registration for the class is still open.
~ Hermosa Crystal Bracelet ~
TypeOnsite Course
DateAug 4, 2018  ( 4om to 6pm )
Time2 Hrs duration
PlaceB1-23&24, People’s Park Centre, 101 Upper Cross Street S058357

  Pls join me as I teach an intermediate level project to enhance your beading knowledge. For full details and registration pls visit here :