Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Advance Level Certificate ... Done !

Dec. 12, 2017 - Finally, I had finished my Advance level beading course to obtain my Swarovski Authourized Instructor's Certificate at KME ACADEMY . My patience and perseverance had finally paid off. Now I am almost certified to teach my passion early next year 2018 . So proud of myself for what I had accomplished in the last 4 months! 😍😘😗

I had done completely all the 4  advance level / Intermediate / Basic beading projects required just in time for the holidays. So no more worries of upcoming projects till after 2nd week of January. I can now arrange to go on holidays ...  yeeehaaaaaa !!!

Design By Ms Cindy Chen
Chainmamaille By Ms Chrys Lim

Design by Ms Chrys Lim
I was very glad to receive my Advance Certificate this afternoon and looking forward to teaching the craft by January or February 2018 next year. 

So excited for this new chapter of my beading life !

 Thanks Koi Ming and to all the instructors who guided me all throughout .