Monday, May 22, 2017

Promoting Your Creations ...

MAY 21, 2017 ~ There are several questions to consider when marketing and promoting a product. Just like other artists, my creations normally just sit at home coz I don't have an actual  shop where I can display and sell them. I had tried to sell them online but due to stiff competitions with other sellers selling  products in similar jewellery category , it takes too long for small entrepreneurs like me to find a real buyer due to the massive amount of choices they were given and being offered  online. It's tough to compete with mass production machine made jewelries being offered with free shipping . Take note of what cheap stuffs we can all get from China online shops. Therefore,  quite frustrating for a small home business artist like me to compete with them eventhough I have some avid and loyal customers craving for my beaded work.  It can unfortunately even come to the point of no online sales at all.  Ebay sales is now experiencing that and Quite dissapointing to think about. Especially when I still pay monthly fees to run my ebay store. So, more expenses and no gain at all ... oouucchhh.

So, what should I do to bring or expose them out to public and be on the market to be recognized by your targeted potential buyers ? Well, here's what I started doing lately. I was always in fashion events hosted by friends and acquaintances. Creating jewelries that are unique and never goes out of style, I got noticed and approached by organizers to sponsor their events. I can either donate some jewelries as prizes or for raffle draws. I gave it a thought and decided why not.  So I tried sponsorship where I create pieces to be used as part of the minor & major przes and even for raffle draws. You maybe thinkin,  are you crazy to just give away your work for free?

Model Ms Jho Salac doning my "Red Angel" ~ this unique set was awarded Bronze Medalist  of 2014 Seed Beads Category hosted by Fire Mountain Gems And Beads
Sponsoring the jewelries of Ms Juliet Bitalan one of the judges for the 2017 Pinoy Star Talent Festival held at YWCA Singapore
Ms Joy Ann San Luis doning her jewelry prize after winning the She's My Girl Singapore title in 2014

My creations were true to cost a lot of money . I normally use Swarovski Crystals, Fresh water pearls, Glass / Semi- precious beads with Sterling Silver metal findings or sometimes rhodium plated  metals. I sort them in many online shops as well as exclusive bead shops in the US, Hongkong, China, here in Singapore and in Philippines as well. For me, inorder to have business  or sales... one needs to invest  and prepare to get expenses along the way. Be ready for the cost of  materials together with marketing inorder to get your self and your product known to the market. Even if I donate them through sponsorships I of course get something in return. I get free entry to VIP seats , be chosen as a judge or even be given the honour to get up on the stage and award the winners. The privilleges are there and I truly appreciate what I get in return.  Big thank you to the event hosts !

Making sure my sponsorship bears my brand title for recognition !

Sponsoring Raffle Prizes for Sopernova 2017 event held in Chijmes

Sponsoring a Major and Raffle draw prizes for Rampstar Queen 2017 event held at  Nexus Auditorium

Sponsoring a major prize award for Supernova 2017 grand prize winner

In my case, I had made my  name and brand known locally and globally at this point of time. I am now so happy to be greeted and awarded in events and given the opportunities to get up on stage to hand in my sponsored prizes to the  winners and at the same moment be able to  promote not  just  my self created brand but mainly my actual jewelry creations I would be wearing during the event.

I am very proud of what I had become and how far my creations had gone after all these years.

The Diva in Me ~ Bronze Medalist of 2016 Swarovski Crystal Contes hosted by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

Touched By An Angel ~ Gold Medalist of 2016 Seed Beads Category Contest hosted by Fire Mountain Gems And Beads

To constant supporters, jewelry admirers and buyers ...  thanks so much for patronizing my work and believing in what I can do to satisfy your jewelry preferrences.

My advice to artists like me, go out there and show your stuffs.  Dare to be bold and do not shy away from people. You never know, what and who you meet out there can maybe the ones who will help you make a  name for yourself and  promote your creations, make a brand for yourself and your work ... keep trying !