Thursday, October 27, 2016

Another Winner !

Oct 27, 2016 ~ I found some good news from the mailman today and you know what ? My entry to the 2016 Seed Beads Contest announced as a gold medalist for 2016 by Fire Mountain Gems Finally got returned to me. Not only the entries were given back included were some unexpected gifts aside from the prize of $200 voucher .

 Oh My God , Seriously ?

I just didn't know what to say. I just couldn't believe what I was receiving. All from the ever generous Fire Mountain Gems. Included in the box were Swarovski beads, a nice FMG craft bag and a pin. Beautiful !!!

 Thank you,
thank you and more

They all came together with my previous order of beads and tools as well . Super fast delivery and great service. The 2 boxes made me so busy taking photos and sorting out the contents. I am so delighted to see everything in perfect condition.

I got the wooden tools organizer but would still need to assemble it before I can arrange my pliers and tools in it. So excited to fix it as soon as possible. So, I better go and start sorting the contents of the boxes... busy, busy, busy again.