Sunday, March 01, 2015

March 01,2015 ~  Here we go again welcoming the 1st day of the month. Today is Sunday and the 1st of March , I should have been as a Christian be going to church to listen in a mass but unfortunately, I spend my Sundays just like any other ordinary weekday where I start the morning with my cup of coffee while sitting alone infront of the dining table. My only sole companion every morning is my loyal attention seeker dog ... Gabby ! But I don't mind giving her much attention .. she pays me back with lots of kisses anyways ... so sweet !

But today is a bit different  I guess.  from the past Sundays. I am going to start my day unpacking a box I had received yesterday. I had been expecting its delivery since last week. Oh dear, how excited and overjoyed I was the moment it came. Lucky I was home when the delivery guy came knocking by the gate and got greeted by never ending barks of Gabby .. LOL!

Wandring what's inside the box ?  See below photos please ...

In the said delivered box, you'll find nothing else but beads, beads , books  Nymo threads and more beads ! They are mostly 8/0 Size Seed Beads , Rocailles/ Miyuki and Swarovski Rivolis.

Time to start beading endlessly again with all these supplies. By the way, I didn't buy all of them. They were about 80% redeemed from a Gift Certificate I had received as a Prize since I won in the beading contest last year from Fire Mountain Gems & Beads . I thank them so much for all these lovely items as well as their invitation sent via email encouragimg me to participate again in the 2015 Seed Bead Contest. I am for the moment already doing my entry set for the said contest way before I got their invitation. I would say , I was quite excited to compete more after I had gotten a place last year. Not bad for a 1st contest overseas I had participated in. My latest entry to the 2nd  contest I had participated in 2014 : Swarovski Beading contest 2014 also made it to the finals . Yehheeyyyyyyy !

 I am now awaiting for the list of final winners they're going to announce anytime soon. In fact, I am already happy just being chosen for the final rounds of the contest. It's such a great honor  even just being a finalist ! There's so many very good beaders out there competing. Some of them had been doing the competition for many years. I was a newbie LOL!

Anyways, my entry for the Seed Beads 2015 Contest is still under way. Necklace and Earrings had already been done. Took me at least 1 week to create it. 

Now I'm in the early stages of the matching bracelet. Final pictures of the whole set I'll post here after I had submitted it probably before end of March or mid April . Deadline for submission of entries is on April 30th so I still have almost 2 months to prepare. If any of you out there would like to send your beaded entries, please go to this link for more inquiries :

Send your inquiries to or
contact us at (800) 423-2319 or (541) 956-7700

For now, I'm heading to my beading table again and do my bracelet... so bye for now my dear readers and wish me luck in my upcoming contest entry to make it through the finals again.

Ooooppssss, wait a second . before I forget, I have an upcoming fundraising event this coming Saturday , 7th March in support  of  International Women's Day or IWD 2015

The charity event would be held at Esmirada. I would be putting some of my jewelries for display and sales in the said venue.

Esmirada @ Orchard
442 Orchard Road
#01-29 Orchard Hotel
Singapore 238879

Tel: 6735 3476

To all attendees, the entry fee costs SGD$45 .This event will provide everyone with a delicious 5-course tapas cocktail dinner + 1 Complimentary Welcome Glass of Wine. And very good lucky draw prizes! The lively banter will revolve around International Women's Day or IWD 2015 global theme, Make It Happen.

So come to Esmirada at Orchard and enjoy one of Singapore’s most special dining experiences! With its delicious, authentic Mediterranean cuisine, its professional yet sprightly waiters and its rustic yet homely ambience, this Esmirada Restaurant truly offers a dining experience like no other. Put also in mind there are giveaways and prizes to be won during this date.

 So see you all there !

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