Monday, December 22, 2014

A Christmas Wish ...

In few days time, it 's gonna be Christmas. Oh dear...I hope my plan of oven-cooking a Turkey would yield positive results just like before. The fact is, it would be my 2nd time to cook a Turkey in my entire life ! But mind you, my first attempt was so good that we had been nibbling on that 3kg turkey for days literally ... Yes, it was a big round 3 kg Turkey,  no joke ! Although after about 4-5 years, I had forgotten now how I had cooked it and with what sauce. All I could try to remember is,  I had slowly cooked the whole turkey for 2 hrs in the oven and had made cranberry sauce... maybe apple sauce ? I couldn't recall LOL! Sign of getting old on my part I guess... my brains a bit stucked ha ha .
Anyways, my plan of cooking with the use of a different oven ( much smaller this time to accomodate a 2kg Turkey ) would push through in about 48 hrs ! Ohhhh... time ticks too fast these days , isn't it ? So please wish me luck that it would again be a success !

Talking about success , I'm very grateful for all the ladies who were able to get some pieces from my creations the last few weeks. Now I could say that I had again made some interesting custom made designs guaranteed to have given the wearer a memorable time.

Many many thank you's from the bottom of my heart for your continous patronage of my items!

Well. now, changing the topic from my cooking to my jewelry creations into something else different but most likely of the people these time of the year, I also have some travelling to do after Christmas. Destination ? My original place of birth ... Philippines ! Purpose ? eerrr ... well.... to see my 2 little munchkins grandsons to deliver their much requested M&M's and Nutella ! Yehheeeyyyyyy

 Isn't it so obvious that kids these days got good taste for chocolate stuffs and they're quite lucky to have them too ? I never had these yummy stuffs when I was young,  huh !

But I will surely enjoy eating it with them too .. so .. kiddos.. don't cry... make way coz grandmommy is coming your way soon... a few more days ... ok ?

So for now all I can do is greet and wish you all a ...

Merry Christmas !