Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The World Around Me ...

July 2013 ~ I'm again back to my hometown here in the Philippines. I arrived here last June and I already had encountered some hot humid, sticky days as well as stormy weathers in just a matter of 2 weeks not even mentioning several financial and neighbor problems that greeted me as the days passed by( what else to expect , it happens all the time anyways ? ) . Lucky my house was built good enough to stand the disasters although some licking on the walls brought by the extended roof of my next door neighbour created a big mess in my kitchen walls everytime it rains hard. My kitchen is just being built and the design has to be revised again to avoid building the built-in cabinets connected to the affected walls. I had tried to talk it over with the next door neighbour so we can rectify the problem before it damages even more but they replied stupidly to just leave the leaks as it is. Excuse me ? Stupid uneducated, inconsiderate morons ! So soon I'll be going to the village association to deal with the problem with them.

So, it's one problem waiting to be resolved. I have a few more brought by other neighbors too. Most of my neighbors around me have dogs. As early as 6-7am, these dogs have a way of waking up everyone of all ages. These animals serve as alarm clocks each and everyday, rain or shine. Bloody hell ! I'm on holidays and I just couldn't even sleep until 9am here. I have to wake up and get up as early as 6;30am just like everyone else in the village. If not the dogs barking all around, my neighbors would start yelling and screaming at the top of their voices as if everyone is deaf when they talk to each other even when they're just half a meter apart ! I dunno why these people have no common sense to realize they are such nuisance to people sleeping . They wake up so early just to make noises just like their dogs. Aside from them, here comes the peddling vendors with their vegetables, fishes and meat. It's like the wet market had come to your doorstep !
 I know it's convenient to just buy from them and avoid the hassles of commuting to the wet market that's about half a kilometre away from my house. But the noise they make and the cats surrounding them as they clean the fresh live fishes is such a scene too ! Mind you, I have to block my front door with a piece of 2x3 wood so cats won't get into my house. Imagine waking up in the morning to see your garbage bin ransacked and paw prints of cats all over your furnitures inside the house ? These stray cats wander around in the neighbourhood and they're just all over the village trying to find food and would stretch their skinny bodies into small openings just to get into your house ! Aggghhhhhhhh now I'm starting to think I had lived in a hell village !
Some of my neighbors are very quiet and reserved. They hardly come out to talk to anyone and I like that a lot coz they keep their business to themselves and safe from trouble with others. I try to do the same but I can't help noticing some problems I can't stand to see especially if it's infront of me everyday.
My neighbour infront of my 2nd floor terrace has a young puppy probably about 4-5 months old. I called the puppy "WHITEY" coz it's all white. Not sure if it's male or female tho coz I can't see from afar.
Poor puppy is left all day in its cage with a padlock.The owner would go to work at 7:30am without walking the dog out first and he and his family would only come back at nightime around 7-8pm leaving the poor puppy on its own doing its business in its cage all day.
Today as soon as the owner left for work, I came near its cage for the 1st time coz it's crying and going around and around like crazy trying to send message that it wants to go out maybe to pee or poo. As soon as I came near, I saw its feces all around the cage and only has a bit of water in its food container. Poor dog heartbreaking to see the condition it was in. I just wonder why some people could own pets and can't be responsible owners.
Compared to the other neighbors with pets on the western side of my house, the old couple living there had a female dog with 2 puppies in a cage placed on their front yard .
The elderly man would allow the puppies to come out of the cage and run around to play a bit with its mother dog from time to time. The cage is always being washed cleaned and well covered from the rain. His cemented front yard is well kept and his wife would always sweep the floor. All is good with them and their pets except for the clothesline full of clothes to dry which is a common scene in the whole village. I don't mind seeing it coz I hardly looked out of my windows from that side of the house anyways.
I had not been beading nor painting these days but I had been to Quiapo the 1st day I arrived and bought some wires, crimps and some angel charms to take back to Perth for my students.
 Lucky I found the wires for wirewrapping here in Quiapo coz in Singapore , they don't have it .
One funny thing while I was shopping for my supplies, my 3 year old grandson was also snooping around the shop as I move around. He found these items and took them to me and told me to buy them. I asked him why and he said cutely " they look nice and they would be great on your  wrists grandma " . I just laughed coz they are sparkling rhinestone bangles and at his age, he could choose something nice to put on as accessories. So I said ok then I would buy them. He was so happy  .
So I bought these bangles for myself . LOL!
Ok, truthfully,  life's good if grandson is around to cheer me up here in my village. Everything else is so and so ... so typical to be surrounded by a mix of joy and laughter when there are too many relatives.
So, life here in my local village is quite a downside from places I had lived in abroad. Australia especially Perth is paradise for me. Nice people, nice views, relaxing places to chill out during the day . Convenience wise... it's the place to be if you wanna be free and relaxed in your body and mind. I love Perth !
Singapore not too bad too. But for me the merlion city is just ok for the convenience especially with technology and health care.
But no matter where I go... I would always be myself . Whether good or bad surroundings, I would always be in between to balance everything .
Instead of clothes lines , I have flowers blooming on my side yards and even in my potted plants by my front door.
Better than a view of clothes hanging everywhere LOL!