Sunday, May 01, 2011

First of May , 2011 ...


The Month of May

Where does the name May come from?
After the Greek Goddess of fertility Maia
What is the color of May?
Green for fertility.
What is the birthstone of May?

Emeralds are said to be the birthstone of May.

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Birth Flower for May

May fairy

The Flower for May is the Hawthorn Bush.
... which has little flowers with white petals that come out in May, hence it is also known as the May Bush or the May Flower (also famous as this is what the Pilgrim Father's named their ship after)
When they bloom, the Hawthorn hedgerows turn into a beautiful white color.
The Hawthorn can bloom all through the summer, first appearing in late spring, which is why it is known as the May Flower.