Friday, January 14, 2011

A Gift ...


January 14, 2011 ~ I woke up quite earlier than usual from my bed today . King size bed for me alone is too big but with 2 kids beside me ... the space became too small for 3 people in it.

Kids have the habit to invade my bedroom when hubby is away on a business trip. Oh well, it's bonding time alright. But now that they had grown up 11 & 13y/o respectively, it's already a bad habit coz not only I'm loosing my blanket during the night but I'm also getting kicked out of my own bed !

Anyway, I decided to go downstairs and make myself a cup of coffee in the kitchen while I start to think what I'll do for today. It's not an ordinary day. Today is my Birthday ! OMG! I'm a year older again ! Hmmmnnn ... truth is, I don't mind that much coz I feel and look younger somehow LOL! I checked my facebook page and saw my friends had already sent me greetings and best wishes. Thanks to all my dear friends & relatives coming from different parts of this earth . Even if we're thousands of miles apart, they had remembered me . I appreciate the thoughtfullness and I felt great !

So, today is my special day ... I want to make something different for myself for a change. I went to my beadroom and sort out some left-over beads laying on my table. Quite a mess there coz I'd made a few necklaces a few days ago and still , I had not cleared up my mess. My eye caught the scattered Tiger's- eye beads mixed with Black Onyx Round Beads in the middle of the table and few pieces were laying on the carpeted floor as well. Hmmmnnn, I told myself that I really like these beads. The Tiger's Eye Beads were originally from my personal 2 stranded necklace I had made for myself about 10 years ago in Singapore. I cut it into 2 parts and I had made half  of the strand into an 18" inches necklace . Then I gave the necklace to a " Special Friend " for birthday present together with a strand of Smoky Quartz choker. My friend was happy with the necklaces. I was so happy to see that both necklaces had fitted the person well !

Now, the other half of the strand laying on the table is waiting for me . What can I do with these beads now ?

I took out the beading board and laid the beads I had chosen for the necklace. But the Color combination is too dull knowing I always like bold , contrasting colors. Brown and black is just not too striking for myself since my skin is almost about the same color , brown to almost black , lol ! I prefer something more colorful and bold. Especially with a touch of dark red or Garnet color beads. Garnet is my birthstone and I just love its color ! So I took out some crystal rondelles I just bought from Singapore last December. I tried to mix n match and rearranged the position of the beads several times. Until I finally decided to do this simple stringing design :

I had used the antique style metal findings to give it a vintage effect and a chinese zodiac dog character as a focal pendant. I still have to search for the meaning of this pendant though !

The necklace was 2 stranded measuring at least 18" in lenght with Tiger Eye Beads, Black Onyx Round Beads in 14 / 6mm sizes , Garnet Color Faceted Crystal Rondelles and antique color metal findings. I'm happy to see it finished within an hour and have it fitted on my neck with matching earrings and 2 elastic bracelets. Isn't it beautiful ? Now I have a nice, unique birthday gift for myself ! I just love it !

Some Facts about the stones I had used for this set :

Black Onyx ~ a symbol of eloquence

Healing ability: Onyx is used as a heart, kidney, nerve, capillary, hair, eye and nail strengthener. Onyx is said to help one sleep. This gemstone helps to eliminate apathy, stress and neurological disorders.

Mystical power: This gemstone eliminates negative thinking, it is also believed to sharpen the wits of the wearer. Onyx is said to bring spiritual inspiration. It is a great assistance in holding emotions and passions under control.

Garnet ~ is a stone of vitality and passion

Healing ability: Garnet is an excellent assistance for blood deficiency diseases. It stimulates bloodstream and pituitary gland, relieves rheumatism and arthritis pain.
Garnet combats depression and lethargy. Garnet also stimulates the spleen properly. Garnet protects against depression and impure thoughts. Cures fever and promotes good health.

Mystical power: Garnet should be carried close to the body. Its energy is balancing and peaceful. This stone of passion stimulates the sexual drive. Garnet gives energy and courage. It is said to encourage robust good health and sexual desire, enhance the wearer's imagination. Garnet symbolizes fire, faith, courage, truth, grace, compassion, constancy and fidelity. It also offers protection to the traveler.

Tiger's-Eye ~ offers courage, energy, and luck

 Healing ability: Tiger eye relieves high blood pressure. Tiger eye wear is very helpful in the presence of following diseases: bronchial asthmakidney, rheumatic heart disease, otitis and psoriasis.

Mystical power: Tiger Eye is used for focusing the mind. It is said that Tiger Eye offers protection during travel, strengthens convictions and confidence. This very warm stone is beneficial for the weak and sick.

My Birthday Flowers which came only the day after my birthday. But still I'm thankful that at least I got something from somebody !