Monday, May 11, 2009

What did I get for Mother's Day ?

Ok, today is MOTHER'S DAY ! All mothers deserve to be pampered on this special day somewhere , somehow. Lucky me I'm a mother so I got great gifts from my family . My son Tristan greeted me Happy Mother's day with a hug and a kiss as soon as he woke up & gave me his homemade card with rubber foam cut outs with a heart accent and some money ( he owed me from days ago ... ) in an envelope this morning . My daughter Tacha said she 's sharing a gift with Daddy & she gave me some money as well plus a very nice card she had made herself too in the early evening which she had laid down on my bed . My dear hubby on the other hand gave me a kiss too and greeted me Happy Mother's day as soon as i started waking up this morning ! Later on , he asked me to give him a wrapping paper 'coz he wanted to wrap his present before he hands it to me but I said, no need to wrap it ... too late ! So he together with the kids handed me the plastic bag with a box inside. Guess what''s inside the bulky box ? A nice HP 10.4-inch df1000 Series Digital Picture Frame ! Wow, it's good for my family photos and other stuffs ... especially for my jewelries I can now put on display during bazaars ! Good thinking ... I immediately inserted a memory card to check how my pics would look like ... it's very nice indeed !

After all these nice gifts I received , I still got treated to a nice Champagne Brunch at the Sentosa Resort & Botanical Spa. There, I ate my favorite Foie Gras , Fresh Oyters , Steamed Prawns, Cheese +++++ and my kids even made a cake at the kids club ! But of course, I didn't drink any alcohol coz I'll be driving everyone safely home .

In the end , my Mother's Day was very special despite of the bombarding headache I had been suffering from the moment I woke up this morning until the time I was writing this blog.